Artists, craftsmen, engineers, scientists and people who just like making stuff will come together for the Eastern Long Island Mini Maker Faire on June 8 in Port Jeff.

The fair is hosted by the Long Island Explorium.

The Eastern Long Island Mini Maker Faire is part of an international collective that highlights local maker culture — people who like to tinker and build anything from boats to costumes to furniture.

It’s like a science fair, but with a lot more flash and fun.

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“There’s something for everybody,” said Sally Wellinger, who’s co-producing this year’s event. “Whatever your interest is, there will be makers who will spark your interest.”

Wellinger started volunteering for the event but quickly rose in the ranks. Last year she helped organize the talent for the fair. This year she’s one of the people charged with its success.

The Mini Maker Faire is a maker project in and of itself, which requires pulling together an assortment of Long Island’s geeks, techies, scientists, do-it-yourselfers and cosplayers into a cohesive whole.

Vendors will sell goods while demonstrating their crafts, and others will put on exhibitions and live shows. Although vendors will be selling their wares, this is not your typical craft fair.

The organizers call it “the Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth.”

The idea is not only to showcase talented local makers but to inspire the maker inside us all.

It’s also about solving problems.

“At the heart of the Maker Movement is the understanding that making is uniquely human,” the official Maker website says. The fairs were started when Make: Magazine launched as a DIY bible for tech projects and began hosting the events.

The first one was held in 2006 near San Francisco.

“It started out with people who were into tech and computers,” explained Wellinger, a self-described geek for everything maker. “Then tech got cool. Well, it was always cool.”

The areas around and between the Long Island Explorium on East Broadway and the Villager Center in Harborfront Park will be the grounds for the event.

Wellinger says things will happen inside and out, rain or shine. Tickets can be purchased through the organization’s website or at the door.

“It’s about networking and connecting,” said Wellinger “It’s exciting to be around and meet so many cool people. You have scientists talking to engineers talking to artists.”

She described the type of person who is a maker as someone doing something interesting they want to share with others.

“People who have a passion.”

Last year, the youngest maker was 7 and the oldest was 79.

It’s not lost on the organizers that Port Jefferson is probably an early inspiration for DIY makers because of its history steeped ship making.

“We try to keep it authentic to our community and the harbor with Port Jefferson being a port community and has a history of shipbuilding,” Wellinger said.

The fair will indeed incorporate nautical themes.

Marine biologists will be on hand, including Oceanswide and its underwater ROV, a remote-controlled rover just like the ones seen exploring the Titanic on film. Boatbuilders out of the Bayles Boat Shop will also be demonstrating their skills.

The focus is to balance as many of the STEAM vocations in this event as possible. STEAM is an educational movement that stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

“We pull all of those great minds together,” she said. “That’s what makes it different. We have such a wide spectrum of makers.”

Local business will be there too.

“So people on Long Island can see what’s going on in our own backyard.”

A list of interactive performances that day include Ryu Shu Taiko Drums, the Long Island Vegetable Orchestra, and “That Physics Show” from NYC. And the Long Island Ghostbusters are going to make an appearance.

A bus transformed into a tiny home on wheels called a skoolie will be there as well.

There will even be a contortionist performing an Avengers: Endgame act.

“There’s something for everybody,” said Wellinger.

Visit the website to learn more and to buy tickets.

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Eastern Long Island Mini Maker Faire 2019

Apr 24, 2019

Featuring exciting new offerings from the magical That Physics Show and get into Sci-Fi Movie characters: lessons by Rizuki Cosplay, the Endor Temple Saber Guild and the Long Island Ghostbusters to
Dirt People Studios and The Bear
April 15, 2019, Port Jefferson: Port Jefferson’s Long Island Explorium will be hosting the fourth annual Eastern Long Island Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, June 8, 2019. As part of the internationally acclaimed Maker Faire movement that offers Maker festivals in cities and towns around the world, the local Eastern Long Island Mini Maker Faire (LIMMF) version celebrates creativity and innovation in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Last year over 100 makers and 2000 participants of all ages experienced innovative robotics, kinetic and interactive art, fine sculptures, explored the ocean through virtual reality and many more cutting-edge creative experiences through hands on, minds on exhibits and performances at the Long Island Explorium and the neighboring Port Jefferson Village Center and Harborfront P
This year’s offerings include:
The fantastic “That Physics Show”

Lifetime professional physics demonstrator David Maiullo brings his scientific “magic” from the world of physics live to the Maker Faire from his Off-Broadway performances of THAT PHYSICS SHOW. Based on the hundreds of physics experiments that are presented at science conferences and in classrooms across the country, THAT PHYSICS SHOW features segments on motion, momentum, vacuum, friction, energy, density, fluid motion, sound waves and sound vibration, light waves, temperature and much more from our incredible world: a world controlled by physics. David Maiullo has been a physics demonstrator at Rutgers University for over 20 years. Most recently he has become a regular on The Weather Channel as well as a presenter at national physics festivals.

Become A Sci-Fi Movie Character! Lessons from Liz – Rizuki Cosplay, the Endor Temple Saber Guild and the Long Island Ghostbusters

Where can you find Darth Vader chatting with Ghostbusters or the Black Panther? At the Eastern Long Island Mini Maker Faire. Sign up to learn how to fall into character with Liz from Rizuki Cosplay. She will be offering classes on makeup, wigs, posing and more. Maybe action is more your style, so kids can learn how to become a Jedi Youngling with Padawan training and adults and teens can learn the art of Light Saber choreography with the Endor Temple Saber Guild. Or maybe you are a techie and want to check out the Ecto 1 vehicle and Proton Packs of the Long Island Ghostbusters. You also might see a Marvel Character or two! Check out the Eastern Long Island Mini Maker Faire Website and buy your tickets now! The Early Bird always gets the worm, if you buy now, you not only guarantee a spot in one of our workshops, but also get the Early Bird discount.

Dirt People Studios and The Bear

Blending art and science, Zach and the rest of the crew at Dirt People Studios, create anatomically correct statues using organic and inorganic material. Who else would create a 10-foot 2,000 pound bear, with a heart and circulatory system, lungs, stomach and more. Recycling and reusing materials and putting them together like puzzle pieces, Zach and other artists have created not only the bear, but also other pieces of art with a mixture of old, new, organic and inorganic. Don’t miss the chance to check it all out!

By Kyle Barr

Creativity, innovation, experimentation and a whole lot of fun are all on the menu as the Village of Port Jefferson gears up for the third annual Eastern Long Island Mini Maker Faire to be held on June 9 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Hosted by the nonprofit Long Island Explorium (formerly the Maritime Explorium) and the Greater Port Jefferson-Northern Brookhaven Arts Council, the event will take place at the Explorium, all three floors of the Port Jefferson Village Center and spill out onto the adjacent Jeanne Garant Harborfront Park as makers from all over Long Island and beyond will come bringing robots, music, woodworking, metal sculptures and practically anything handmade to celebrate the exciting worlds of science, technology, engineering, music, art and math.

Last year the event drew more than 2,000 visitors who were able to experience everything from 3-D printing to flame belching metal sculptures.

Ray Rumore with his robot ‘Volt’ at last year’s Mini Maker Faire. Photo from Chris Rumore

Angeline Judex, executive director of the Explorium in Port Jefferson, said she expects close to 60 “Makers” will be there for this year’s event. “At this event, people are able to explore new concepts and technologies, take [this knowledge] home with them and then dive into their own exploration and engagement to create their own maker experience,” Judex said in an email. “It transforms theory into reality. It excites, inspires and motivates the next generation to embrace STEM as a resource for innovative problem solving.”

New this year will be the Long Island Vegetable Orchestra featuring students from the Waldorf School in Garden City using carrots, squash and gourds as musical instruments and a visit from the Suffolk County Chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, which will demonstrate how trades such as blacksmithing, inks and paints and naval shipbuilding technology have evolved over time.

Returning this year will be costume maker Tom DePetrillo from Rhode Island-based Extreme Costumes who dazzled participants in last year’s Makers Faire with his burly Transformers Bumblebee costume. This year he will be bringing a to-scale HulkBuster Iron Man suit seen in the movies “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Avengers: Infinity War.”

“People really enjoy the giant costumes,” said DePetrillo.

The Hulkbuster costume took 10 months and approximately 1,600 man hours to complete. DePetrillo tours all over the world with his giant designs as a full-time job. It enables him to keep making and creating. “It allows me to have an outlet for my creative energy,” he said. “I do this because I love doing it.”

Father and son team Chris and Ray Rumore have been attending the Mini Maker Faire every year since its inception. Ray Rumore got involved with 3-D printing, crafting and robotics, and created a robot named “Volt,” a companion robot who can follow him around and live stream events with his on-board camera.

“Ray enjoys three main things about Maker Faires — they allow him the opportunity to encourage others to join the fun and become a Maker, the opportunity to meet other Makers and learning about their creations and the food,” the elder Rumore said in an email.

The event is sponsored in part by Stony Brook University, BASF Chemical Company, Capital One, Riverhead Building Supplies and Suffolk County Community College.

The Eastern Long Island Mini Maker Faire will be held on June 9 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., rain or shine, at the Maritime Explorium, 101 East Broadway, Port Jefferson. Tickets, which are $10 per person, are available online at and at the door. Parking will be available around the Village of Port Jefferson, Off Street Parking, Brookhaven Town Lot as well as Spring Street. The Port Jeff Jitney will be running during the day. For further information, please call 631-331-3277.

Check out our Newsday article published in April 2018!

Photo Credit: Kidsday illustration / Ashton Hopkins

Eastern Long Island Mini Maker Faire: A fun place to learn






by Carter Altholtz

Kidsday Reporter
April 3, 2018 1:21 PM

The annual Eastern Long Island Mini Maker Faire will be held June 9 in Port Jefferson, hosted by The
Maritime Explorium.

The Mini Maker Faire is a venue where friendly people show interesting displays, games and other fun
kinds of things for kids of all ages. In the Village Center, right next to the beach, they have 3-D printers, and
sometimes they let you keep a 3-D printed object. You will finda lot of makers and vendors in the Village
Center on its three floors. The bottom floor often has DIY projects made with various things that are in
your house. On the middle floor, there are usually many scientists from all over the country. The top floor
has 3-D printers, virtual reality headsets and a lot of string-based creations like hand knitting (which I will
be presenting again this year) and math strategy using crochet patterns.

The robotic teams from Stony Brook University and many local high schools including Smithtown and
Miller Place use Legos, Erector sets and Meccano-type sets to build functioning robots that can do things
such as play catch and soccer and move things to build a wall. The classes and demonstrations teach you
about science, robotics and more. The Navy has water-related robotics in an outdoor pool.

You may see jewelry and custom lacrosse sticks being made, or ice cream made using liquid nitrogen.
Sometimes there are drones used for video surveillance and delivering packages. And don’t forget about
the awesome food trucks.

Eastern Long Island Mini Maker Faire: A fun place to learn

It is a really fun time for everyone. I hope you get the chance to come out and enjoy the 2018 Mini Maker
Faire and stop by to see my booth all about hand knitting.

Find out more at

Brian Harvey’s sixth-grade class, Minnesauke Elementary School, East Setauket