Dear Members of our Maker Community,  

I hope my note finds everyone well. I am astounded at how fast reality is changing for many of us on a daily basis.  

As Makers, we continually push through challenges, problem solve and think outside the box. “Plan C” as Dale Dougherty wrote in his recent article for Make Co, is the maker movement; “groups of independent makers, entrepreneurs and innovators who are organizing online to provide alternative solutions” that can come up with a solution for America and the world. There are many collaborations going on right now and it’s worth getting involved, if possible, in these efforts. It’s of no surprise to me that the grassroots communities are now called upon to innovate and think creatively to help Federal, State and local efforts combat COVID-19.  

I truly believe that there WILL be an end in sight in the future. Although I cannot forecast accurately when that might be, I am rescheduling Maker Faire Long Island 2020 to Sunday, September 13th. And, when we come together on Sept 13th, 2020 it will truly be a CELEBRATION of the inventiveness and creativity of the grassroots community and the part we all played in this pandemic. The Maker community is a powerful and inspiring one, both in “normal” times as well as in times of crisis.  

We call upon you to showcase the spirit and ingenuity of Makers during this time and want to showcase your talents, projects and voices virtually.  

If you have a craft, skill or art that you would like to showcase or teach online as a workshop, let us know. We can adapt and help facilitate an online learning opportunity for you and the community. We have a number of virtual Live events coming up and would love for you to be apart of.  

Thank you for being part of the solution in times like this. Makers everywhere are getting the job done, and helping their communities.  

Sincerely,   Angeline Judex & Lisa Collet Rodriguez  

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